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Heaving Foundation Cracks


Foundation Repair Problem Signs

Heaving Foundation

Have you notice upward movement in your foundation. Uneven concrete, basement floor cracks, lifted patio stairs or vertical wall cracks are all signs that you have a heaving foundation.

Fixing a heaving foundation is best left to the experts. If repairs are done incorrectly, you'll end up major structural damage. We can help! Give us a call at 1-888-434-9662 to schedule your free foundation inspection.


- What Causes Foundation Heaving?

Tree roots, expansive soil or upward movement of the soil can result in heaving.

Tree Roots Near Your Foundation

Tree Roots

The root system of a tree is about as wide as the canopy. So if you have large trees with limbs that hang over your home, then the roots are growing under your foundation.

As the roots extend under your home or patio, they can push up the concrete. Over time this creates safety hazards and foundation problems.

Expansive Soils Cause Foundation Problems

Expansive Soils

Clay is an expansive soil and is common in North Carolina. Just like the name implies, expansive soil expands when it’s wet. As the soil absorbs water and expands it pushes up against your foundation. Something has to give, and most of the time it’s your foundation, which means you’ll end up with basement floor cracks, cracked bricks or other areas of foundation heaving.

On the opposite end, when expansive soil dries it shrinks which causes house settling. All of this movement will not only damage your foundation but will also weaken and damage the other structural supports in your home.

Upward Movement of Soils

Upward Movement

Earthquakes, plumbing leaks or long periods of heavy rain can all cause upward movement in the soil. While they are infrequent, an earthquake can create problems for your foundation. The sudden movement can cause your foundation to heave or settle. Both of which can create a serious structural problem.

But you're more likely to experience upward movement in the soil due to excess water since earthquakes are uncommon in North Carolina. Heavy rains experienced during hurricane season or plumbing leaks will create problems with expansive soil.


-Heaving Foundation Repair Solutions

Never fear! Southeast Foundation Repair is here to help stabilize your foundation and prevent further damage from heaving soil. We use ICC-ES tested and approved foundation repair products in addition to one of the industry’s best crack sealing methods.

Our foundation repair expert will work with you to design the best solution for your buckling walls. You can browse through some of our foundation solutions [link to solutions page] to learn more or request your free foundation inspection if you’re ready to fix the problem.

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"Southeast Foundation Repair went out of their way to make certain we were happy with the work they did. With an outstanding line of products, competitive pricing, and excellent customer service; Southeast Foundation Repair has our highest recommendation for anyone's crawlspace needs!"

~ Thomas R., Summerville, SC

"Liked the design of the smart jacks used on my foundation. Excellent service from the office and installation crew."

~ R. Herring, Clinton, NC


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