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SmartJack™ Floor Joist Jacks

Sagging floor joists or beams in your crawl space indicate serious structural problems for your home. Excessive moisture in your crawlspace can cause the soils under your home to shift, causing your floor joist to sag, buckle and become uneven.

The SmartJack™ System can be installed in less than a day and will lift and stabilize sagging floors without messy concrete. SmartJacks are so strong that each jack can support over 60,000 pounds - that’s more than the weight of 7 elephants!

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- Benefits of the SmartJack™ System

-Stabilizes and lifts sagging floors

-Can be installed year round in any climate

-Fast, efficient and low-mess installation

-Usually can be installed in just one day

-25-year manufacturer warranty

-Restores your home's property value


- How NOT To Fix Your Sagging Floors

Trying to repair your sagging floors by yourself may be unsafe and will only serve as a temporary solution. Light duty jacks from your local home store are not designed to carry the weight of your home. Here are some examples of what not to do!

Don't Use Concrete Columns!

Concrete Columns

Concrete columns are NOT adjustable and would only need to be shimmed later on, which is also just a temporary and unsafe fix to sagging floors. It's also difficult to form and pour concrete in your crawl space. We do not recommend this repair method.

Shimming Your Floor Joists

Shimming Your Floor Joists

Once again, shimming is only a temporary fix, and doing so will not lift your floors and support your walls.

Installing Light Duty Jacks

Using Light Duty Jacks

Light duty jacks have very limited capabilities, are difficult to adjust, and do not address problems with the soil. If you install a jack improperly or the soil isn't able to support the weight of your home, you'll end up with damaged floor joists or even collapsed floors.


- SmartJack™ System Is The Answer!

To fix your sagging floors permanently, we use the patented, affordable and easy to install SmartJack™ System. This system has been designed and engineered by geotechnical and structural engineers, so you can rest assured that your home is safe and secure!

Before - Sagging Crawl Space Floors

Sagging Crawl Space Floors Without SmartJacks

After - Level, Safe Floors with SmartJack™ Floor Joist Jacks Installed

Level Floors After Installing SmartJacks


- SmartJack™ Installation Process

Installing SmartJack™ System will lift your sagging floors and create a safe and secure crawl space. These floor joist jacks are permanent, adjustable, affordable, and can usually be installed in less that one day!

Installing Crawl Space Jacks Step 1

Step 1

A hole is excavated in your crawl space, and the base for the SmartJack™ footing is prepped with an engineered fill.

Installing Crawl Space Jacks Step 2

Step 2

A pre-cast footing is set in place in the prepped hole, and is carefully leveled to ensure stability.

Installing Crawl Space Jacks Step 3

Step 3

A galvanized steel support column is cut to the appropriate length.

Installing Crawl Space Jacks Step 4

Step 4

The pre-cut galvanized steel support column and components are assembled, then connected to the floor joists or beams.

Installing Crawl Space Jacks Step 5

Step 5

The SmartJack™ floor joist jack is tightened in place, which lifts and stabilizes your crawl space floor joists.

Installing Crawl Space Jacks Step 6

Step 6

Often times, the SmartJack™ System is installed along with our CleanSpace™ crawl space liner and encapsulation system, shown here.


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"Southeast Foundation Repair went out of their way to make certain we were happy with the work they did. With an outstanding line of products, competitive pricing, and excellent customer service; Southeast Foundation Repair has our highest recommendation for anyone's crawlspace needs!"

~ Thomas R., Summerville, SC

"Liked the design of the smart jacks used on my foundation. Excellent service from the office and installation crew."

~ R. Herring, Clinton, NC


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